Aug 23 , 2006


Dave Monette had a very full schedule on the East Coast a few weeks ago, and he got to hear LOTS of good music from some of our best friends and clients.

In addition to the work with Maynard Ferguson and the band mentioned elsewhere, Dave also brought a new, “Next Generation” PRANA 3 TRUMPET out to Wynton Marsalis, along with a new MF PRANA for several other friends to check out.

Wynton’s new PRANA 3 Bb, serial number 2070, has all the latest improvements that we have been incorporating in our “Next Generation” PRANA instruments delivered so far this year. Dave also brought a few prototype mouthpieces for Wynton to try. The new PRANA B2S3 is the winner, which Wynton has been playing all year. This is quickly becoming a VERY popular mouthpiece, as it does everthing our B2 does, but better and easier!

Patrick Hession tried the new, “Next Generation” version of his MF PRANA for the second set at the Blue Note Saturday night, and came off the band stand saying “This horn does everything better – I have to have one of these new horns!” We look forward to making him one.

Dave met with several other friends on the trip, who all wanted to try the new MF PRANA. NY freelance and Broadway player Barry Danaelian sounded great on the horn – which he played with his regular mouthpiece and a new prototype lead mouthpiece we designed for him which we delivered on the trip. Ravi Best met Patrick and Dave down in the Village after a casual gig at 1:30 AM Saturday (Sunday) night, and proceeded to show off the new horn while we sat around an ouotdoor café on Bleeker Street. John Chudoba and Joe Giorgianni are both getting mouthpiece upgrades which Dave is currently working on, and they both sounded great on the new horn.

Dave also met up with his old friend CHRIS BOTTI, who came through New York on his way up to the Bethel Woods Jazz Festival up in Woodstock, New York. Dave rode Chris’ band bus up to the gig, catching up with Chris on all the developments in his amazing career. He also got to talk at length with jazz Piano legend Billy Childs, who had many, many Freddy Hubbard stories to tell from his years touring with Freddie. Dave really enjoyed the “hang” with the band.

Chris performed for the late afternoon crowd first, then Chris and Dave sat out front in the audience while Wynton showed the evening audience how a small group can swing REALLY, REALLY HARD. Wynton had several players sit in, including Cyro Baptista and the amazing Dianne Reeves. This was an amazing performance, with Wynton playing incredible lines up to double C.

After Wynton finished up, Dave had a relaxing late dinner with Wynton and the band, and then caught a ride back to the city sitting next to Wynton on the band bus. They got in about 3:00 AM – which made for a very long but memorable day of music.



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