Monette Mouthpieces

Since 1985, we have been designing mouthpieces to do what no other mouthpiece has ever done: provide constant pitch center, regardless of how loud or soft, or how low or high a musician plays. This acoustical innovation improves every aspect of brass instrument performance— sound, response, intonation, and endurance—and is what makes our revolutionary Monette instruments possible.

There are two different styles of Monette mouthpieces available - the PRANA or the STANDARD models. The PRANA models are built with the most cutting edge Monette technology available while the STANDARD models are built with our classic tooling and adjustment methods. For more information about our new PRANA technology, please click on the icon to the left.

Important Things to Know about Monette Mouthpieces

Monette mouthpieces are intended to be used only with the key of instrument for which they were designed.
Monette mouthpieces require that you play with efficient body use. See our acclimation guide to acclimate quickly to our mouthpieces.
Any alteration or modification of a Monette mouthpiece, including opening the throat, will destroy the playing characteristics of the mouthpiece.
Monette mouthpieces are finished in 24k gold.





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