C Trumpet Mouthpieces

C trumpet mouthpieces are for use on C trumpet only!

Mouthpieces are listed from widest to narrowest inside rim diameters. Rim and cup sizes of all C trumpet mouthpieces are identical to the corresponding Bb trumpet, E b trumpet, piccolo trumpet, and cornet mouthpieces, to facilitate changing instruments.

The C trumpet mouthpiece models listed are some of the most popular sizes we make, but additional models are also available in any standard Monette rim and cup size. For more information, please review the Bb trumpet rim and cup sizes listed elsewhere in this catalog, or contact your nearest Monette dealer or our shop for more information.

Size Descriptions

C1-1 This mouthpiece has a unique round rim with an unusually deep cup. It is the largest standard mouthpiece we make, and is recommended for only the most advanced players. Designed for Charles Schlueter, principal trumpet of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Also used by Koji Motomura, principal trumpet of the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra.

C1-1D A slightly deepened version of the C1-1, this is the deepest mouthpiece for all-around playing we have ever made. Used by Andrew Balio, principal trumpet of the Israel Philharmonic. Also used by John Aley of the Wisconsin Brass Quintet, formerly with the American Brass Quintet.

C1-2 The deep, bowl-shaped cup and a flat, fairly sharp rim make this mouthpiece a favorite for orchestral players who prefer a large, robust sound. Used by Manny Laureano, principal trumpet of the Minnesota Orchestra, and Lynn Erickson, second trumpet of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. Also used by David Tasa, principal trumpet of the Frankfurt Opera.

C1-2D A deepened version of the above, this variation on the C1-2 provides more stability of response while helping the player to produce a huge orchestral sound.

C1-5 This mouthpiece has a medium "grip" to the rim and a medium cup depth that make it well suited for a wide variety of players. The shallowest of all our C1 series mouthpieces, it helps one produce a full and brilliant sound in all registers. Used by Frank Kaderabek, former principal trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

C1-5M This variation on the C1-5 has become very popular. It is slightly deeper than the original design, and provides more depth of sound and stability of response. Used by Cal Price, principal trumpet of the San Diego Symphony. Also used by Chris Gekker, professor of trumpet at the University of Maryland, formerly with the American Brass Quintet.

C1-5D The deep cup of this mouthpiece is the same depth as the C1-1, but the rim is the same as the other C1-5 series mouthpieces. Great for orchestral work or for use by players who prefer a very large mouthpiece.

C2 With a slightly smaller inside rim diameter than the C1 series mouthpieces, this very popular mouthpiece is suitable for all types of playing. Used by Wynton Marsalis.

C2D A deeper version of our popular C2 mouthpiece, this model helps provide an even more robust sound and a more stable response. Used by Nobuaki Ando of Tokyo, Japan.

C3 Slightly smaller than the C2 listed above, this model has a brilliant sound and an easy upper register. Some-times preferred by players with a naturally dark sound. Used by Joakim Agnas, principal trumpet of the Stockholm Royal Opera and founding member of the Stockholm Chamber Brass.

C4 This model is wonderful for classical chamber music. It is also the most popular C trumpet mouthpiece we make for part-time classical players and students. With a deep cup and medium sharp rim, this mouthpiece helps the player produce a full sound with easy articulation. Used by Swedish virtuoso Urban Agnas. Urban is a current and founding member of the Stockholm Chamber Brass, and is former principal trumpet of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic.

C5 With a slightly smaller diameter than the C4, this model has a pronounced inner edge to the rim and a deep "V" cup. Best suited for players looking for a smaller C trumpet mouthpiece and an unusually dark sound.

C6 Having the shallowest cup we make in a standard C trumpet mouthpiece, this model is good for "pops" work, for players with a naturally dark sound, or for players who simply prefer a smaller, more efficient C trumpet mouthpiece.





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