Bb Lead Trumpet Mouthpieces
Designed for upper register playing

Please note that our lead mouthpieces are now available in both our standard STC-1-weight and our new, lightweight LT series. Mouthpieces are listed from widest to narrowest inside rim diameters.

BL-XW This is an extremely wide mouthpiece, for players with large lips.

B1-5L This model is popular with our clients who use our "1-series" mouthpieces, and who want a compatible lead mouthpiece. It is shallow enough to really assist upper register playing, and deep enough that many players used to a deeper mouthpiece, such as the B1-5 or B1-5M, will still not bottom out on it when switching back and forth. Developed for jazz recording artist and composer Mark Isham.

B2L After years of requests, this mouthpiece is now available for players who are used to our B2 and want the option of a shallower cup with the same rim.

B4L This mouthpiece is extremely popular, not only with many full-time lead players, but also with classical players who occasionally need a smaller, more shallow lead mouthpiece. The rim is very similar to our B4S rim. This mouthpiece design is used by Joey Tartell, former lead trumpet with Maynard Ferguson and Seneca Black, lead trumpet with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

B4LD This mouthpiece is a slightly deeper version of our popular B4L. It has playing qualities similar to our new MF II model mouthpiece, but with a wider rim diameter and an even more "open" feel. Designed for Lee Walkowich, freelance Boston trumpeter and sales manager at Boston's Rayburn Music.

B4LVS This is a much shallower version of our popular B4L. It has a slightly smaller inside rim diameter, but this combination of rim contour, depth and size makes it a great companion mouthpiece to the B4L for extreme lead playing. Developed for Seneca Black, lead trumpet with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

B5L This mouthpiece is slightly shallower and narrower than the B4L, and is extremely responsive. Designed for New York Broadway and freelance lead trumpet player Tony Kadleck.

BL The original Monette lead trumpet mouthpiece, this model was designed back in the mid-'80s by Dave Monette for his own use, and is still one of our most popular models. Used by Cecil Welch, former lead trumpet with Henry Mancini.

B6L Slightly deeper than the BL, but having the same rim, this model is designed for players who like the BL model, but sometimes "bottom-out" when playing long jobs or unusually demanding parts. This mouthpiece is used by many top lead players, including John Chudoba, former lead trumpet with Maynard Ferguson

BL2 This is the most popular of our smaller size lead mouthpieces. Designed for Craig Johnson, former lead trumpet with Maynard Ferguson and currently lead trumpet on the Tony-Award-winning Broadway show "Fosse."

BL2J A variation on our classic BL2, with a slightly different cup shape and much more "bite" on the inside rim.

BL3 The shallowest mouthpiece we make, this model has the same inside rim diameter as the BL2, and offers an even easier upper register. Designed for Pete Olstad, former jazz and lead trumpet with Maynard Ferguson. Also used by Glenn Kostur, director of jazz studies at the University of New Mexico.

BL4 Designed for Patrick Hession (Summer, 2003) (, this mouthpiece is roughly the same inner diameter as the BL3, but has a cup that deepens more rapidly.

MF II The new Monette MF II is Maynard Ferguson's first radical change in mouthpiece rim and cup design in over 20 years. Dave Monette worked personally with Maynard to develop the design. The result is an unusually easy-to-play, mainstream lead mouthpiece that has a huge sound. It "slots" almost like a classical mouthpiece! If you have ever tried our classic BL2 design, then imagine the same basic mouthpiece with a bigger sound and an even more for-giving, stable response!

MF III The latest Maynard Ferguson mouthpiece, this new size (Summer, 2003) is similar to the tried-and-proven MFII, but has slightly less bite to the rim.



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