Terence Blanchard playing his Monette RAJA Bb with an integral B2 mouthpiece.


The RAJA and RAJA SAMADHI are the most revolutionary of all the Monette instruments. Their radical, coaxial design allows the performer a range of timbre and dynamics never before possible; but with their integral mouthpiece, they are not for players who are undecided about their mouthpiece size!

The RAJA is a single bell, integral mouthpiece instrument that was first conceived and built by David Monette in 1990. The RAJA SAMADHI followed in 1993, and uses two bells in a coaxial configuration which are connected with up to two-dozen individually placed sound posts. These instruments are our most challenging to build, but are often the most fun to listen to!

Both of these instruments are designed for players who are used to a beautifully open, aligned,and effortless physical approach to playing. We make them only for players we know, who have played Monette mouthpieces for many years and really understand our equipment, and who are truly ready to let go of concerns about their equipment and simply concentrate on making music. (Raja means royal, or best. Samadhi means undistracted union between subject and object.) For more information on any of our more elaborate instruments, please contact our shop directly.

Andrew Balio with his RAJA Samadhi C built with an integral C1-1 mouthpiece. Andrew is principal trumpet of the Israel Philharmonic.


Charlie Schlueter with his RAJA Samadhi C built with an integral C1-1 mouthpiece. Charlie Schlueter is the principal trumpet of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.






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