• Truly a new instrument.
  • Inspired by and invented for jazz legend Art Farmer.
  • Regularly used by top classical, jazz, and commercial performers.
  • Thick, rich sound.
  • Fast, stable response.
  • Very fun to play!

The original Monette FLUMPET™ was inspired by and invented for the late Art Farmer. Since the prototype was made in 1989, the FLUMPET has become popular with many leading players as a replacement instrument for the flugelhorn.

Our second-generation FLUMPET has a sound that is thicker, richer, and stronger than a flugelhorn. The unusual tapers, 6" bell flare, double sheperd’s crook layout, and the Monette constant-pitch-center design combine to provide a wider range of timbre and dynamics than any trumpet. With intimate softs and brassy louds, this instrument is extremely versatile, and also very fun to play!

Having been used in virtually every area of performance, the FLUMPET can be heard on classical, jazz, and commercial recordings, as well as on several major motion-picture soundtracks. Please refer to our Web site or contact our shop directly for more information on this unique, revolutionary instrument.



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